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McDonalds Is Getting RID Of Its McFlurry Machines

If you love yourself a McFlurry, no doubt you’ve experienced the age-old issue of the machine breaking down, just as you were fantasising about your Oreo McFlurry.

It’s the PITS. Now, there’s some good news on the McFlurry-front. According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, McDonalds is installing new ice cream machines in the U.S. and Europe SOON.

No word on the machines being switched in Australia yet, but the good news is that the McDonalds Gods are hearing our prayers - and making sure we’re never caught with our favourite frozen treat ever again. 


The reasons for the original machine's issues were varied, but were mostly attributed to the fact that the machines took so long to clean.

So employees would start the process way too early, in turn denying us of our late night ‘Flurry.

The new machines have been described as being ‘much easier to maintain’, with less parts to disassemble, according to Cosmopolitan.

In fact, McDonald's mentioned the new machines, which are made by an Italian company called Carpigiani, are in fact easier to clean AND they allegedly can dispense more flavours.

Ice cream machines that actually work and give us more flavours to choose from?

Is this heaven?

Now, what about the McFlurry mixing spoon?!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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