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McDonald’s Want To Downsize The McFlurry And How McDare They

If you haven’t gone on a midnight drive to McDonald’s with your mates with the sole purpose of buying a McFlurry, have you really lived?

Well if you haven’t, we suggest going to do it REAL soon in order to get the the full experience because very soon McDonalds might just be making one of their more popular desserts SMALLER!!

That’s right, McDonalds are talking about reducing the size of their McFlurry ice-cream by 12% in order to offer their customers a treat with lower calories.

The smaller McFlurries are already being trialled in over 60 different branches in the UK but it is believed that if the trial is well received that the changes will make their way to other McDonalds around the world.

Despite trying to offer customers more choice, those who buy a McFlurry at any of the participating fast food restaurants will not be able to purchase an ice-cream in the regular size.

McDonalds have not yet confirmed how long the trial will last for or whether they will be put the reduced size on the menu permanently.

But McDonald’s, can we just let y’all in on a little secret? We love you, you’ve provided a lot for us over the years, BUT no one goes to your restaurants with the aim of being healthy…So please, LEAVE OUR ICE-CREAM ALONE!!

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