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MASSIVE Cheese Lovers Festival Heading To Sydney

We’re sure that for many people out there the term festival is linked to some sort of music event. But for us? Well there’s no doubt that we think with our bellies and when we hear that a new festival is coming we immediately think of food.

Throughout the years Sydney has seen it all, from noodle festivals to chocolate festivals, and now it seems that we’re getting a festival dedicated souly to won of our biggest food loves, CHEESE!

It’s known as the Cheese Lovers Festival, and you guessed it, it’s made for all those out there who LOVE all different kinds of cheese. i.e. Everyone.

The Cheese Lovers Festival is dedicated to showcasing all things cheesy and is said to be an exquisite dining experience for all genuine cheese lovers. There’s also plenty of beer and wine to wash down all of the tasty treats as well as live bands to create the perfect ambiance.

There are also plenty of activities to take part in throughout the day such as cow milking, cheese tasting, a fancy cheesecake competition and even an intimate cheese and wine dining experience!

The festival has previously been held in the Hunter Valley and was so incredibly popular amongst Sydney-siders that they’ve decided to bring the festival straight to us!

This year the festival will be held on Saturday 16th June at the Brazilian Fields West in Centennial Park. Tickets are on sale now but you’d better be quick to snatch some up because the event has sold out in the past!

The Cheese Lovers festival is definitely the place to be for anyone like us that is slightly obsessed with cheese. It’s times like these that we truly feel sorry for the lactose intolerant peeps out there…

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