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Johnnie Walker Is Making A Women's Friendly Scotch

Did anyone else just achieve the most exaggerated eye roll of their lives when they read that headline? Because I can assure you that we all just did…

Just a few weeks ago Doritos claimed that they would be releasing a new and improved chip that was just a tad more “lady-like” with less of a crunch and less flavouring to get all over our fingers because god forbid we make a noise while eating chip…

And despite the INCREDIBLE amount of backlash that Doritos received another brand has decided to jump on board the archaic idea.

Famous scotch company Johnnie Walker have decided to create a scotch specifically for women because apparently it has been a male only drink in the past and us women have felt far too “intimidated” in the past to go near it… We can’t even.

To make women feel more comfortable to purchase their product the company has decided to change their labelling from a male “Johnnie” to a female “Jane” for the month of March, which is also Women’s History Month, in order to honour women and lure them to drink more scotch…

That is despite the fact that women already make up about 30 to 40 percent of customers who purchase scotch, blends and bourbons, according to Forbes.

“Scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women,” said Stephanie Jacoby, the vice president of Johnnie Walker.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to invite women into the brand.”

Since word spread about the new and improved version of scotch heading to ourselves, women and yes regular scotch drinkers everywhere are having NONE of it!

Not all of the announcement was completely cringeworthy, with Ms Jacoby claiming that the company is moving towards achieving gender equality.

“Important conversations about gender continue to be at the forefront of culture, and we strongly believe there is no better time than now to introduce our Jane Walker icon and contribute to pioneering organisations that share our mission,” Ms Jacoby said to AdWeek.

“We are proud to toast the many achievements of women and everyone on the journey toward progress in gender equality.”

So while their intentions seem to kinda be in the right place, in encouraging and lifting women up, just like all other female only products (don’t even get us started on the Bic lady pens…) the whole idea that women and men can’t possibly drink the same alcohol is just a tad out of touch.

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