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Horrifying Video Shows LIVE Maggots Crawling Through Meal

A horrified NSW mother has filmed the moment she realised live maggots were crawling through her meal at a Nando's in Westfield Kotara.

Emy Wamboi posted the stomach-churning video to Facebook, saying that people should be careful of what they're eating.

"I am not going back there," she wrote. "I have not eaten chicken since then."

Unfortunately, Ms Wamboi admitted, she didn't spot the unwelcome addition to her meal until after her seven-year-old son Davie had already started eating it.

"We were very shocked, knowing Australia has high hygiene [standards]," she told the Newcastle Herald.

Ms Wamboi's story comes just a week after a similar incident at a North Ryde restaurant, which left one Sydney couple with more than a bad taste in their mouth.

Ms Kim and her partner were at The Ranch Hotel for an anniversary dinner when they found live maggots in a cooked steak.

“(I) just couldn’t believe if this was real. It was horrible, unbelievable,” Ms Kim told

“Maggots were crawling over and there was a lot of them. It was like a rotten carcass.

“For a few days we just lost our appetite. It is very hard for me to even [talk about it] now.”

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