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Christmas Crackers With Shots Of Gin Now Exist

Say goodbye to the christmas bon-bons that you're used to with cheap paper crowns and lame dad jokes inside, and say hello to the future of the ultimate boozy christmas....

And that is because some genius out there who happened to know just what we wanted from santa has invented GIN CHRISTMAS CRACKERS!!

Yep it certainly seems we can buy practically anything in gin form these days, but hey we aren't complaining!

A company in Hampshire called Drinks In A Tube have created the ultimate christmas bon-bon, which okay still includes the party hat and joke because let's face it it wouldn't be a true Aussie christmas without them, but they've also added an artisanal bottle of gin!!

And we're being told that the gin of choice is Masons Yorkshire Dry Gin, which features a citrus flavour with hints of fennel, green apple and traditional floral. Yuuuum!

So now you might actually have incentive to win the tug-of-war with the person next to you at the dinner table because there's only one delicious bottle in each cracker!

And let's just say a shot of gin may just be what you need to get through your grandparents grilling you about what you're doing with your life and when you're going to get married and give them grandchildren...Ahhh Christmas...

You can buy your own gin christmas crackers from the Drinks In Tube's website.

And while a box of them will set you back a shocking $80 AUD, we have a feeling it might be worth it as these crackers could just be the christmas miracle you need to get through the holiday season!

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