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Having ONE Drink Could Alter Your Baby’s Facial Structure

So many people say, ‘oh just one drink is fine’ when you’re pregnant, and though it’s very much a personal choice for all expecting mums, new research that has come out shows that even small amounts of alcohol while pregnant has an impact on an unborn baby.

The study, which looked at 415 caucasian children from Melbourne, found that any amount of alcohol has an impact on a child’s facial structure.

A 3D image of the bones in the faceof each child was taken at 12 months and analysed against data taken from their mothers in relation to their pregnancies.

It has been long understood that children diagnosed with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders often have changes to their facial structures as a result of their mother’s alcohol consumption.

It turns out that even a small amount of alcohol ingested by a pregnant mother shows a big difference when compared to an expecting mother that completely abstains from drinking any alcohol - even if that alcohol was consumed in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The study says this is the first time evidence has been found to link even low levels of alcohol consumption with outcomes on the baby.

Food - or drink - for thought!


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