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Gin Pong Is The ONLY Game You Need This Christmas!

We've had beer pong ever since the creation of frat parties. Then came the slightly less bogan, prosecco pong. And now, well now we have something so amazing you'll wonder why it hasn't been a game this entire time.

Gin Pong is here people and it's the thing that's been missing from your life.

It works with the same sort of set up as all the other Pong variations, except with gin, and with some super cute shot glasses to class it up from the traditional red solo cups.

You can purchase the game from from October 12th (this Thursday!) and it will only set you back about $24 AUD.

And while you may be thinking, 'hey this is a UK website?!', don't worry your gin-loving minds because they ship internationally!

So why not get your hands on one and try it out a friendly match of Gin Pong with friends and family! Let the games be-gin!

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