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Gin & Tonic Teabags Exist And They're The PERFECT Pick-Me-Up

If you're a fan of the gin and tonic, and seriously who wouldn't be, then you'll understand us when we say we sometimes (okay always) get a craving for the refreshing taste of the cocktail.

But of course, it's not always appropriate to just sink one down whenever you want, especially before 5pm.

At least that is until now, because one genius has invented a gin and tonic TEA!

Yep, the luxury retailer Fortnum & Mason have delivered the goods with their latest tea bags, to make it socially acceptable for you to drink your gin and tonic anywhere you want!

Okay, okay, so they don't ACTUALLY contain any alcohol in them but we swear the green tea combined with juniper berries, coriander and fennel (which are all ingredients in gin) tastes just like the real deal.

They've also added some lemon balm, dried cucumber and lime to give it that authentic, refreshing taste!

And hey, at least without the gin you can have as many cups of the drink as you like without feeling worse for wear the morning after!

A box of the Gin and Tonic tea, with 15 of the silky teabags packaged inside, will cost you just over $11 and if you compare that to the price of a G&T at a bar, that's a serious bargain!

Here's hoping they sell in bulk, because I'm about to go crazy online shopping...Thank you Fortnum & Mason!!

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