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FOUND: The BEST Margarita Recipe

In case you needed a reason to down a few cocktails mid-week, today is International Margarita Day!

And to help you celebrate this iconic day in appropriate fashion the Hunters Hill Hotel have come up with a deliciously refreshing Margarita recipe - The Daisy Margarita!

Now for a little history: The margarita is said to have been invented on a hot Summer’s day in Acapulco by a woman named Margarita Sames. This Margarita in particular gets it name because the Spanish word for Margarita is ‘Daisy'.

Okay, okay enough learning for one day. So onto the good stuff…the alcohol.

To make the Daisy Margarita you’ll need 30ml tequila, 20ml Cointreau, 20ml Agave Syrup, 30ml Lime Juice, half a blackberry, 2 fresh sage leaves and some salt and sugar.

Simply chuck all of the liquid ingredients in a Boston Shaker with some ice and shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake…shake your boootttyyyy. Okay enough shaking.

Next prepare a Margarita glass by rubbing lime around the edge and covering it with as much salt and sugar as you like.

Double strain the contents of the Boston Shaker into the glass and garnish with sage leaves and the blackberry!

And of course if you don’t feel like making the drink yourself, you can always head to the Hunters Hill hotel and get someone else to make it for you. Then all that’s left to you is to cheers to International Margarita Day with your mates!


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