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Dominoes Have Unveiled A Pizza Engagement Ring

You imagine your engagement to be unique, out-of-the-box and memorable, right?

Well, Dominoes have ensured one couple’s engagement is going to be like none other.

The food chain gave away a pizza-shaped engagement ring in honour of Valentine’s Day. 

And Dominoes’ UK Facebook page also posted a sweet message along with the competition details:

'Do you solemnly swear to eat pizza together for forever and always?’

'I Dough!!!’

The piece of jewellery features a single slice of pizza made out of gold. It even has little diamond pieces of ‘pepperoni’ to top it off.

But the best part... It comes in a mini Dominoes pizza box.

UK residents could enter to win the 22-carat ring before February 13th and the winner is yet to be announced. 

But whoever wins, can now literally eat their heart out.

Source: Bustle

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