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Doffle On A Stick Is The Dessert You HAVE To Try

Is It a donut? Is It a waffle? Nope, it’s a DOFFLE! A deliciously mouth watering combination of the two of our favourite sweet treats and they’re available NOW at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Created by the guys over at Donut Bomb, the Duffle on a stick is said to be the ultimate indulgence for donut lovers. They’re made with waffle style donuts, coated in all of our favourite sweet treats and because it seems to be a common theme with food at the Easter show, it’s all chucked on a stick.

The Doffle comes in five flavours and trust us you’re going to want to save room to try every single one. The flavours include nutella, oreo, M&M, Pavlova and Kit Kat and not only are they coated in warm chocolate sauces but they’ve also got bits and pieces placed on top like strawberries, oreos, M&M’s and Kit Kats.

But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy (which is just crazy in our opinion) the guys at Donut Bomb are also selling Donut Smash Packs at their Easter Show stand.

These bad boys are like a sweet version of Halal Snack Packs and they include a whole bunch of donut holes smothered in some seriously yummy toppings such as Nutella, crushed nuts, snickers, pretzels, M&Ms and many many more!

We bet everyone out there is struggling to keep the drool in their mouth right about now! You can grab one of Donut Bomb’s insane desserts from their stand in the Woolworth’s Dome at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

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