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DIY Oreo Milkshake With THE Most Delicious Gift Set

You know what the only thing better than Oreos is?

Smashed up Oreos shaken with ice-cream and milk and poured into a tall glass emblazoned with the Oreo logo, of course!

Enter the Oreo Milkshake Gift Set, an actual real-life thing that exists at the same time we do and we are genuinely not worthy.

The set, spotted by lolly fanatics CandyHunting, has absolutely everything you're going to need to get started on your quest for shake perfection: Two tall ceramic cups, an Oreo ice-cream scoop, two colour-matched straws and four of the biscuits themselves.

The sure-to-be delicious recipe is even printed on the cups so you a) don't have to worry about a pesky recipe book and b) don't have to worry about losing said recipe book.

It's genius, we tell you. Genius.

The only catch is that the gift sets have only been spotted in the US so far which means that you may have to do some extra digging to turn up an Australian stockist.

But it'll be worth it, right?

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