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Coffee Filled Donuts Are A Legit, DELICIOUS Thing

Don’t have time to eat breakfast and grab a coffee in the morning? Well DONUT worry! No longer do you have to choose just one because some genius has combined the two into one. 

Introducing, the DONUT LATTE and yep it’s just like it sounds. A deliciously foamy coffee poured into a warm, cinnamon donut. 

The insane treat was invented by Kenilworth Bakery in Queensland who just knew that donuts and coffee would mesh together just as well as oreos do with a glass of milk!

The way that they are created is basically as simple as you’d think. A massive, fluffy donut is hollowed out, filled with a shot of espresso and topped with steamed milk. 

Now I bet you’re wondering, ‘how do they stop the coffee from getting soaked up into the donut or leaking out from the sides?’, well we’ve saved the best bit for last.

Before any coffee is poured in, the donut is lined with a thick coating of NUTELLA! Not only does this add extra yum-factor but it also acts as a sort of coffee barrier to keep all of the caffeinated liquid safely inside. 

And not only do these bad boys taste simply scrumptious but they’re also insanely #instaworthy. So if you’re a foodie looking for the perfect gram we would definitely recommend a snap of the Donut Latte. 

Each Donut Latte will cost you $8, which is pretty darn cheap for a breakfast and coffee combo if you ask us!

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