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Cheese Tea Is A Thing You Should Prepare Yourself For

Okay, there's something we need to talk about.

Over the time we've known each other, I know you're a big fan of tea.  And I've also seen the way you look at a nice cheese plate.

I think it's time we took this to a new level.

Don't freak out, but I've had a chat to both cheese and tea, and they're into you too.

Whadda ya say?  LET'S GET OUR FREAK ON!

I imagine that's how the pitch meeting went for a craze that's swept Asia, America, (kind of skipped the UK,) but is now heading to Australia.

Cheese Tea is your choice of tea; milk, fruit, green, hot or iced, but then topped with a layer of frothy, creamed cheese.

The smooth cream cheese acts a bit like the milk in a latte, mellowing out the bitterness of the tea, and making less a block of cheddar and more like a milkshake.  And there's a hint of saltiness in cheese that isn't in milk, so you get a little salted caramel aftertaste too.

And if you drink it juuuuust right, you'll also give yourself what's known in the industry as a "cheesestache".

CHEESE TEA EXISTS. And it's delicious. Link in biooooo 🧀🥃 #cheesetea @littlefluffyhead

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So you love tea.  And you love cheese.  And you love having a cuppa with a cheese platter.  Are we wrong in thinking this might just be the greatest thing ever?

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