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So Tequila Could Have A Rather Surprising Health Benefit

In news that will be music to the ears of anyone who a) bloody loves tequila and b) didn't overdo it at the weekend, scientists have brought the goods with a new study that may suggest a surprising health benefit to drinking the spirit.

The research has linked one of the components of the agave plant, the main ingredient in the Mexican alcohol, with aiding weight loss and lowering blood pressure.

As well as meaning great things for type 2 diabetics - the agavins, the plant's naturally occurring sugars, may be turned into a new sweetener that won't raise blood sugar - it has also demonstrated that ingesting agavins can help people feel fuller for longer.

And do you know what that means? Eating less.

"We believe that agavins have a great potential as light sweeteners since they are sugars, highly soluble, have a low glycemic index and a neutral taste, but most important, they are not metabolised by humans," Dr Mercedes G. López said

"This puts agavins in a tremendous position for their consumption by obese and diabetic people."

Before you get too excited and start drinking your weight in margaritas, though, it's worth noting that the research has only been tested in mice so far, so probably best to put down the lime and salt for the time being.

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