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Can We Talk About How Mac 'N Cheese Doughnuts Exist?

You can pack those plans for a fit AF summer bod into a little box and put them on a high shelf, right behind your winter sweaters, because mac 'n cheese doughnuts are now available in Sydney and life will never be the same.

The heavenly invention takes your basic macaroni and cheese, shapes it into rings and breadcrumbs them before frying until crispy, golden and oozing dairy goodness from the inside out.

Yes, Milky Lane have well and truly outdone themselves with this one; check out those cheese strings!

The only bad news is that these glorious little circles of heaven are only available for a limited time so you're going to need to hustle out to Bondi.

But the GOOD news is that mac 'n cheese doughnuts aren't the only incredibly delicious things you'll find on the menu; order them on the side of one of Milky Lane's EPIC burgers, wash 'em down with a peanut butter cocktail and finish it all off with a churro bowl.

And then go lie down somewhere for a few hours. You deserve it.

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