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Avocado On Toast Christmas Ornaments Are Here

It's coming up to that time of year where we dust off the christmas boxes and set up all of the festive decorations.

But when you're decorating your christmas tree this year, forget about having just the traditional baubles and tinsel hanging on the branches, because someone has designed a range of ornaments that every millennial or foodie will appreciate.

It's an AVOCADO on toast glass decoration!! Oh, and did we mention it's glittery?

Yep, European company Sur La Table seem to know just what we want for christmas and they have provided with their latest hand made collection.

But before you get too excited, while the prices of real avocado's seem to be going down at the moment, these bad boys do not come cheap...just one little hanging avo on toast will cost you $17.

So if you do purchase one, be ready to hear, "this is why you can't afford a house deposit" when people see it hanging on your tree.

But of course that excuse didn't stop us from ordering the meal for brekkie and it surely isn't going to stop us from buying the ornament for our Christmas tree.

And if avocado isn't really your food of choice, you don't have to miss out on having a deliciously decorated tree, the Sur La Table collection also includes other food and beverage items, so you're likely to find an ornament that's more to your...taste.

There's a stack of pancakes, a honey jar, extra frothy cappuccino, bacon, burger, champagne and some of the more hipster items including greek yogurt, sushi, cannoli, oyster and many more!



Seriously, my tree is going to be a smorgasbord this year!

Now all we're wondering, where's the hummus one...?

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