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Australia Has RUN OUT Of Oranges!

An Aussie juice company have been forced to import ALL of their oranges from overseas suppliers while the country deals with a nation wide shortage.

If you've picked up a 2 litre bottle of OJ from The Daily Juice Company lately you may have noticed a stickers saying 'Due to a national shortage, our orange juice is currently 100% imported yet still 100% tasty,'

Customers in supermarkets across Sydney and Melbourne have reported seeing the label.

A Daily Juice Company spokeswoman told the Daily Mail Australia that importing the fruit from overseas was 'fairly common.'

'The shortage is based on the demand for the juice. It is fairly common as oranges are seasonal,' she said.

The Daily Juice Company import navel oranges from Spain and don't have a time frame for when their products will be 100% Australian grown again. 

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