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Aldi's Big Announcement

Following a drop in the market share, discount supermarket giant Aldi has come out swinging in an attempt to lure customers back to the German retailer.  

It's permanently slashed the prices of popular spring products by 25%. Among those items are marinated lamb legs, chicken kebabs, rindless bacon, Greek yoghurt and chocolate chip cookies. 

An Aldi spokesperson said its able to keep its prices so low because its not involved in loyalty programs and flashy displays. 

'We focus on selling our select range of exclusive brands,' he said. 

The retailer also claims independent research shows shoppers are likely to save up to 30% when shopping at Aldi.  

However, recent industry data indicates consumers may be getting tired of the discount supermarket, with its share in NSW, Victoria and Queensland dropping. 

It's the retailers latest move in the war against Coles and Woolworths. Let's see what the two supermarket giants do next. 

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