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ALDI Customer’s BIGGEST Gripe Has Been Fixed

ALDI is one of those supermarkets that just GETS you.

They know you want affordable food and great specials - and you deliver.

The ONE thing ALDI doesn’t do so well, is fast queues However, the CEO is planning to fix that.

Tom Daunt says fixing bottlenecks at the checkout has been one of his three key priorities.

On a tour of Aldi’s refurbished Waterloo store in inner-Sydney, Mr Daunt said wait times were no longer the number-one complaint from customers.

“Not anymore, I challenge you on that,” he said in a rare interview.

“There are times, particularly on a Wednesday morning or a Saturday morning when we release our Special Buys, you can queue. But if we’ve got five or six registers a store and every one is open, there’s not a lot more we can do about that.

“As a general rule, we’re trying to focus on a few different things. If customers, generally speaking, come into clean and tidy stores, get what they came to get, and don’t have to wait to get out, this is 95 per cent of customers happy.

“But we’re not changing who we are. You still have to put $2 in a trolley, still have to pack your own bags, still have to buy the 15c bag — there are quirks of Aldi that are just always going to be different.”

The one thing ALDI won’t be introducing, is self-serve checkouts.

Though Mr. Daunt said they’ve considered it, he revealed he likes a human face on the register.


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