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A Bar Dedicated To Espresso Martinis Has Come To Sydney

The day that someone decided to collaborate two of our favourite things - coffee and cocktails - into one delicious drink has to have been one of the best days of our lives. 

And it turns out that Sydney siders have become so obsessed with the caffeinated cocktail that someone has decided to open up a pop-up bar dedicated to espresso infused alcoholic drinks in order to meet demand. 

Aptly called the Caffeine Lane pop-up, this limited time only bar has transformed Bulletin Place in Sydney into an Espresso Martini’s dream. The bar has been created by Mr Black and Three Bottle Man and boy do they have some deliciously decadent treats on offer. 

Not only does the pop-up feature their own insane coffee concoctions such as a Berry Coffee Cocktail, and a red wine sangria infused with espresso liqueur but they also have espresso martinis ON TAP!! That’s right, you won’t have to wait for the bartender to whip up your espresso martini. With this invention they’ll be able to pour as many as you like at the same speed as pouring a beer. 

There’s also plenty of tasty, coffee flavoured desserts to fill your bellies with created by Michelin Star-experienced chef Raphael Szurek. 

Sounds like the perfect place right? The only downside is that in true pop-up fashion, Caffeine Lane isn’t sticking around for long. In fact, it’s closing it’s doors on Saturday 17th March, which means you only have two more nights to give it a try!

You can grab one of Caffeine Lane’s insane and relatively cheap cocktails from the bar for just $15 tonight and tomorrow night from 5pm. See you there for a little pick me up!

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