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5 Signs You’re Allergic To Wine

Sad but true, you really can be allergic to wine. 

While it's also possible to be allergic to alcohol in general, wine-specific allergies are more likely to be caused by sulfates, histamine or other compounds in wine. 

Red wine tends to contain more of these problematic components because several originate in the grapes' skin. 

Here are some ways to tell whether or not you're allergic: 

1. You're A Woman 

According to a stud, women are twice as likely to have a wine allergy than men. Bummer. 

2. You're wheezing or having other trouble breathing 

Wheezing, labored breathing, coughing and other respiratory symptoms can be caused by the sulfites in wine (especially if you asthma).

3. You've got a headache 

Wine often contains histamine and histamine in your body commonly produces allergic reactions and headaches. 

4. Your skin breaks out 

Hives, flushing and rashes are a non-specific reaction to irritants. You could be developing them as a reaction to the alcohol, the sulfites or the histamine or in connection with a medication you're taking or a pre-existing condition like rosacea. So, if you notice a correlation with your wine consumption, that's a clue! 

5. You switch drinks and feel better 

Try it out! If you switch from win to beer or liquor and consume as many units of alcohol as you normally would without similar reactions, then that's all the info you need! 

Source: Bustle 

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