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10 Pretty Special Things You Can Make With Your Leftover Ham

The best thing about Christmas - apart from the extra family time, beach time and present time - is the food. 

Because there is NOTHING like sitting down at a table heaving with ham and turkey, seventeen different kinds of vegetables, four different types of potatoes and enough gravy to drown a small nation.

Which is fantastic, don't get us wrong, but by day three of trying to use up all that leftover ham, you're KIND of starting to get sick of cold cuts and salad and everything in the fridge is starting to smell a bit... porky.

But never fear! We've rounded up 10 beyond delicious recipes, hot and cold, that will use up your ham in next-to-no-time, giving you more room for dessert.

Always a winner.

1. Bubble & Squeak Hamburgers

Jamie Oliver is always your man when it comes to using up every scrap in the fridge, and these burgers are no different. This won't just use up ham, either; it's a great way to get rid of any extra roast veg too. Consider your Boxing Day lunch sort.


Image courtesy Food To Love

2. Chunky Fig & Ham Sandwiches

Take your jaffles into posh, grown-up territory with these bad boys. The figs are just the right amount of sweetness for the Christmas ham, too; like a fancy cranberry sauce.

3. Chicken, Ham & Potato Pie

Do yourself a favour while you're at the shops before Christmas and grab a couple of packets of frozen, ready-made pastry. Then it's a doddle to throw a pie like this together; swap out the chicken for turkey if you've got leftovers of that, too.

4. Ham Hock Terrine

This one's a perfect solution if you've guests coming over for New Year's Eve. It may take a bit of extra time, but it's an elegant way of getting rid of leftovers - and no-one will know they're helping you clear out the fridge.


Image courtesy Jamie Oliver

5. Christmas Quiche

See how handy those ready-made pastry sheets are coming in already? A quiche is one of the quickest, tastiest lunches you can whip up; this one takes no time at all, and is perfect served with a leafy green salad for a delicious lunch.

6. Rustic Ham & Asparagus Tart

Another super simple, super quick option for a light lunch. Make this one ahead and cut into slices for a beach snack that should keep everyone satisfied.

7. Pea & Ham Croquettes With Fiery Aioli

These are absolute winners at any time of the year, but trust us when we say these little croquettes are the prayer to any Christmas hangover you may or may not be suffering with. They're easy-peasy to make, too. You'll want thousands.


Image courtesy Jamie Oliver

8. Christmas carbonara

It's like regular carbonara, but with Christmas ham! Take your favourite spaghetti into the festive season with this deceptively simple recipe. Bonus points if you make your own garlic bread, too.

9. Christmas Ham & Potato Rosti

Basically just a fancy ham-and-potato dish that will satisfy any cravings in less than 30 minutes. Too easy.

10. Cheese, Ham & Spinach impossible pie

Do you know why it's called Impossible Pie? Because it's actually impossible to mess up. You literally mix all of the ingredients together, bang it in a pie dish and pop in the oven for 50 minutes. Done. Now pour yourself a wine and put your feet up.

Happy Christmas!

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