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10,000 On A Mission To Bring Back Cadbury Marble

Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone...

Remember Cadbury Marble?  That delicious melty swirly hazelnut chocgasm that you'd buy for a dinner party, but scoff on the way over?

It's been off the shelf for FIVE YEARS.  I know, right?  But before you rage on, you should consider joining this Facegroup which is attempting to make the world right again.

The Bring Back Cadbury Marble page has over 10,000 likes and is hell-bent on forcing the Purple Corporation to reinstate the flavour, and they've obviously hit a nerve with the public.

And they've even reached out to political heavyweights to support the cause:

And resorted to some... more questionable tactics to achieve victory:

Tragically, Mondelez International - the company that owns Cadbury - has responded to the situation saying that "nostalgic favourites need to be discontinued to make way for the new", but has left the door slightly ajar saying it takes customer feedback into consideration.  The question is how many need to make their voices heard before 200 grams of creamy-praline-justice is served?

Will you answer the call?

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