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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Have a Bush Fire Survival Plan and keep up to date on fires in your area.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has launched their first official iPhone application.

The application provides information on current incidents across NSW attended by the RFS and other agencies. It also provides information on total fire bans.

The application gives users the ability to source information on incidents near them, using the ‘Fires Near Me’ function.

So how does it work?
• Centres the map of NSW on your Current Position.

• Allows you to choose another location, e.g. the destination for your weekend holiday, and centres on that location.

• Lets you know if there is a fire within 50 km of your location.

• Displays any fires within a 10 km radius of your location.

• Allows you to see a list of the bush fires in NSW, sorted by their proximity to your location—the closest being sorted to the top of the list.

• Tap on the fire and you will see some information about the fire. Tap on the arrow (“>“) and you will see the list of bush fires in NSW.

• Top on the arrow (“>“) of a fire within the list of bush fires, you will see a screen of more details on that particular fire.

• Tap the map button from the Details page and the map page appears centred on that fire.

• If a Total Fire Ban is active for today or tomorrow for your location, the Total Fire Ban symbol appears on the screen to warn you of this.

• Fires are listed by the name of the nearest town or village, if available. This makes it easier for you to recognise where it is, so that you can avoid it!

Don't have a smart phone? You can also check through the website http://www.firesnearme.com/
More information may be found http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au .


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