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Woman's Simple $100 K-Mart Hack That Has The Net Buzzing

It's fair to say that most of us, except the rare few who are SUPER organised, try our best to keep our food pantry as organised as possible, but admit that we are facing a losing battle to keep things in order.

Well, one Aussie teacher, Kathie Ginman, 52, was fed up with trying to find what she needed and decided for a simple, and incredibly cheap solution.


Kathie's pantry prior to her make over

Kathie undertook a two-day makeover which was completed by 'three garbage bags and three trips to Kmart'.

After getting things just where she needed them so cheaply and easily, Kathie shared with 
the Kmart Mums Australia group exactly how she did it.

And the results were so impressive she was inundated with messages of congratulations.


Kathie's pantry after her inexpensive make over

Kathie said, 'Two days. Three trips to Kmart. Three garbage bags. Family think I have issues,' 

'House is a mess. Found seven jars of cranberry sauce at the back! Thanks Kmart'.

The teacher from Brisbane said she spent '$15 on the sets of containers and bought three sets of jars, four plastic tubs. About $100'

She also bought 'labels from eBay - $4 for 96 - and I printed the name on paper and sticky taped them on'.

Kathie jokes, 'It maybe brings me a lot of joy! I hear angel music when I open the doors' 

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