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Why Everyone Seems To Have The Middle Name ‘Louise’

Have you ever noticed a lot of women have the middle name ‘Louise’?

And that those who haven’t been named Louise have the middle name ‘Rose’?!

It’s the phenomenon that seems oddly specific to girls born in the 80’s and 90’s and it turns out there is a reason behind the popularity.

According to Mamamia, it all has to do with a specific baby name trend that meant parents were looking for a simple middle name.

The most popular names from those two decades tended to have multiple syllables with an accent at the start. Think Jessica, Sarah, Amy, Emma.

In order to have a rhythmically appealing name, many would then look to one syllable monikers. Such as Anne, Jane and Lee.

The other option for parents was to choose a two syllable middle name that had an accent on the end. Like Louise, Marie and Nicole.

As a result, names like Jessica Louise or Jessica Lee were far more popular than Jessica Sarah.

So much so that Louise was the third most popular middle name in the 80’s and second most popular in the 90’s for newborn girls.

Rose started to take off in the 90’s as vintage names came in vogue, becoming the third most popular middle name.

So if your middle name is Louise or Rose – now you know why!

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