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SIMPLE DIY Label Hack Will Turn You Into A Type A Organiser

Ever wanted to fill your pantry with containers of food with clear, neat little labels that make you feel like you’re a domestic God or Goddess?

Who wants to spring for a label maker or expensive stationary? Not me.

So what if I told you that getting clear, organised labels in your pantry were easier to do than stocking it?

You probably wouldn’t believe me, but truly - all you need is a printer, some sticky tape, scissors, a coin and some water.

Simply choose your font and size, print your words onto an A4 piece of paper, cut them into rectangles and cover the paper with thick, clear sticky tape, then use a coin to press the sticky tape onto the black letters of the word you printed.

Next, pop the label into some water for a few minutes and then pull it out.

Use your fingers to peel away the white paper, and you should be left with black letters on a perfectly clear label. Once it dries, the stickiness will return and you can pop them straight onto your containers.


Source: DIY with hometalk

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