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This Netflix Hack Is the Best Thing You Will Ever See

If you are like us, and OBSESSED with Netflix you will probably find it hard to fault the streaming service.

There is however, one thing that we can fault and that is being frustrated by getting the same recommendations on your home screen.

This hack now allows you to preview the entire Netflix library!

Bookmark this link:

Notice the quadruple 'X' to avoid any confusion... 

And once you've down that, head to this page here to find out the four digit code to EVERY different sub-category within the database. 

Just delete the 'XXXX' in the above link and type in the code to bring up all the titles that fall under that category. 

Want to watch military action and adventure? Hit in 2125.

Fancy a bit of goofy crime movies from the 1980s? Type in 2265.

Or how about bringing the theatre home by watching stage musicals? 55774. 

Seriously, they have EVERYTHING. 

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