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This Doona Trick Will Change The Way You Live Forever

We'll take any hint we can if it can help us make our bed quicker and easier!

Apparently it's all in the Burrito Roll method according to Stephanie Sisco from Real Simple Magazine.

Check out the video instruction...

Here's some step-by-step instruction:

1. Turn your doona cover inside out and lie it flat on your bed.

2. Lie your doona flat on top.

3. Starting at the open end of the duvet cover, roll the duvet and cover together right to the end, like a burrito.

4. Now, start to stuff the doona into the cover.

5. Unroll the doona from the inside cover.

6. Ta-da! Now you can enjoy all the free time you have from spending almost no time at all making your bed!

H/T Real Simple

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