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This Bird's Nest Bed Will Make You Hate Your Current Bed

This is it, people.  The bed that proves love knows no bounds.

This bird's nest - complete with up to 13 egg-shaped cushions - will make you completely forget all beds that have come before it.  You will realise that they meant nothing.  NOTHING.  All they were doing was making sure you had the experience necessary to snag yourself this, Forever Bed.

Until (and there's always a chance) that a giant cushion-y eagle swoops back in to reclaim it's nest.

Sure, it's going to cost you about $10 000 plus a shipping and handling fee that might make you do a spit take that any mama bird would be proud of.  But imagine how SAFE you'd feel in a huge round bed, hugged on all sides by giant pillows.


The largest size fits up to 16 adults - perfect for sexy parties or for spicing up dull boardroom meetings.  There's also a 5-egg version for reading books by an open balcony and an 8-egg version for the discerning couple, but seriously, the 16-person one isn't stopping you from doing all those things, so go on, treat yourself.


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