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This $9.95 Hack Will TRANSFORM Your IKEA Furniture

You know when you come across a truly ingenious idea and think, ‘why on earth couldn’t I have come up with that?’

That’s exactly what no doubt many thought when they came across ’Stylkea’, a brand that basically ‘dresses up’ IKEA furniture.

Created by a Gold Coast mum as a hack to convert regular IKEA furniture into one-off, beautiful pieces without ‘that IKEA feel’.

Founder Kylie Hughes dreamt up the stick-on fretwork panels while she was renovating her own home, to give the ‘designer look on a flatpack budget’.

“A few years ago my husband and I were working on a big reno for our home and I was spending literally hours and hours looking through magazines and design sites, trying to figure out how to get the same look on a budget,” she said.

“It’s hard not to be drawn back to Ikea, but I didn’t want my home looking like a clone of the Ikea catalogue. That’s [where the idea came from] for peel-and-stick panels, so the Ikea-ness disappears.”

Hughes’ husband is a engineer, which made him the perfect candidate to ensure the stick-on panels fit the IKEA pieces perfectly.

They’re supposed to give the vibe of luxury furniture designers like Jonathan Adler, whose pieces can cost up to $5000. Launched in July, the panels start at $9.95 and go up to $34.95.

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“The panels are customised to perfectly fit, you literally just peel and stick them on, you don’t need any tools, and they come in a variety of different materials.”

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