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The World's Best Christmas Light Houses

You probably know a few houses in your neighbourhood that do a pretty good Christmas light display.  But what are they competing against?

Here are some of the most AMAZING Christmas House light shows from the last couple of years. 

Here's a few to get you started:

Did you see the first one in that story?  That was taken from an 11-minute dubstep extravaganza from the Johnson Family in Texas, which you can see in full here (and possibly record on your partner's phone and set as their morning alarm):

Here's another great montage of soundtracks with S-A-V-A-G-E bass drops.

If you know anyone with a Frozen obsession, this one will blow them away.  It features a Christmas tree lip-synching, 3 musical instruments and may have needed clearance from air traffic control:

But if you prefer your Christmas with a more Star Wars / disco feel, check out this house from New Zealand:

Imagine the power bill of this house, which has choreographed lights from front to back, and had to be filmed using a drone:

And finally, for something a little... different.  Here's one from someone who loves heavy metal as much as they love the season of giving.  I imagine they hide their presents in Santa's Slay(er):

If this has got you in the mood, and you want to see what's in your area, type your postcode into this page to see what's on offer:

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