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The New Invention From IKEA That Is Actually The Best Thing

Technology just keeps getting better and better.

No longer do we have to worry about furniture being the wrong size or not suiting a living space, as IKEA have released the most AMAZING thing to ever happen to interior design.

It's an app that lets you try out furniture in your own home before you decide whether or not to buy it!

The app, known as IKEA Place uses genuine augmented reality programs to allow customers to literally see what an item of furniture would look like in a certain space in their home.

All you have to do is point the camera on your phone at the area you think you would like your new bed, chair, lounge etc. and the clever app will superimpose an accurately scaled image into the frame.

It's not currently available, however, IKEA Place will be unleashed as part of Apple's iOS 11 update in October and it's going to be a complete GAME CHANGER in decorating your house.

Now instead of spending hours staring at an item in IKEA stores, wondering if it will be the perfect fit, you can spend all that saved time enjoying some Swedish meatballs.

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