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The New $7 Kmart Hack That Will Change Your LIFE!

A mother from WA is winning the internet with her cheap K-Mart hack after posting it to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page.

The mum-of-one, Courtney Frew, took to the group with her ingenious hack and adorable photo of her newborn, Scarlett, floating in a bath with a self-made device of a pillowcase with a pool noodle helping to keep the baby afloat.

'Pool noodle in the pillowcase FTW!! Bubba loved floating in the bath,' Frew posted, confessing she used a $3 pool noodle and an old Kmart pillowcase to create the hack. 

'Great idea and perfect for the pool,' one mother wrote. 

'Wow, that's a great idea and could double up as a co-sleeper,' another added.

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