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The Handy Hints To Save You THOUSANDS On Your Power Bill

Most of us do our best when it comes to trying to cut down our electricity bills, especially as it feels like prices are always rising.

Now budgeting expert, Michelle Thompson-Laing, has revealed how she saved a whopping $5,400 by making a few small changes around her home.

In her blog Keep Calm Get Organised Ms Thompson-Laing says when she moved into her new house, the previous owners told her their electricity bills averaged around $1,800 a quarter.

However, the mother-of-three says she has kept her energy bill to a quarter ($450) of what the previous homeowners were spending.

Ms Thompson-Laing said, 'We have the same number of people living in the exact same house and we are spending a quarter of what they were spending. I guess my energy efficient husband has taught me something after all!'

Ms Thompson-Laing claims that using halogen lights use 75 - 80 per cent more electricity to run compared to LED down lights, so she advises changing all of your lights over.

She also recommends checking with your energy company if there are 'on and off peak times' and to always turn off any lights, computers, TVs and heaters when you leave the room.

Ms Thompson-Laing also encourages us to invest in insulation to help cut heating and cooling costs and to always set your air conditioners and heaters using a timer.

The optimal temperature is 23 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in winter.

Ms Thompson-Laing also added that dishwashers should only be used with a full load on an eco wash, and with your fridge and freezer, try and make sure they're full to avoid using more energy.

Also avoid opening and closing them unnecessarily and teach your kids to decide what they want rather than standing in front of it.

When cooking, she says,  'Get everything out of the fridge in one go, preheat the oven and pan only for as long as is needed and don't leave it heating for extended periods of time without food in it,'

'Bulk cook where possible. Once the oven is on, it uses just as much energy to cook multiple dishes at the one time as it does to cook just one. The same goes for boiling or steaming vegetables or cooking food in a pan. Bulk cooking saves energy and time.'

Makes sense to us, and if it saves us money it's definitely worth the effort!

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