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IKEA's Design Chief Reveals Their Best Product Of ALL TIME

He started working at IKEA when he was just 16, and stayed for his entire career.

Now, the company’s design manager, Marcus Engman, has revealed which one IKEA product is his all-time fave.

The Klippan loveseat.


At first we thought he was being slightly biased. I mean, Marcus’ father, Lars, designed the Klippan in the ‘70s.

But then you look at how popular this super-simple couch actually is.

It’s a standard two-seater which fits easily through most doorways and, with a ton of interchangeable covers, it can easily move with the times.

Klippan ranges from $249 to $699 in Australia, and cotton covers are about $80.

It even features in IKEA’s line of doll furniture.


When he was younger, Engman said his father brought home many models of the sofa during its development.

“I remember when he brought it home for tests, and he asked me and my sister what we thought of it,” Engman says. “I have a lot of fond memories with that sofa, and I’m glad that it has survived for so long.”

Business Insider

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