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Heartwarming Letter from an Aussie School Goes Viral

A teacher’s note to her stressed-out students is doing the rounds as primary school students across the country are in full swing of the NAPLAN tests.

The note, which has been shared on Facebook, tells the students “there is no way to ‘test’ all the wonderful things that make you “YOU” [sic]”.

The teacher, reportedly from Sydney’s Hills District, sent students home with a letter last week that said there is something “very important” the student should know.

“This test does not assess all of what makes you special and unique,” the teacher writes.

“The people who score these tests don’t know that some of you love to play chess, are good at drawing, can speak another language, are good at dancing or a great soccer player.

“They cannot tell you how you brighten up your teacher’s day.

“The scores you get from this test will tell you how you did on that day but ... they can’t tell you how amazingly special you are.”

The note has been circulated on various parents’ groups on social media. One mum praised the teacher, “What an awesome teacher and human being to send a letter home for these kids ... NAPLAN does NOT define who they are!”

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