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DOG Driver’s Licence Tags Are Adorable And A Real Thing

A missing pet is devastating for any owner, and while traditional tags are great, you can now set your sights on something cuter - that gives even more information on your cat or beloved pooch.

These adorable pet tags look like your own Aussie driver’s licence, except with a picture of your pooch where your mug would normally sit.

It also features more information than traditional dog tags, like emergency information, vet contact details and breed.

They also come in two sizes to suit your sized pet and are both durable and more importantly, SILENT - meaning no more clinking tags!


Tags for Hope are created by a family owned business which started in 2013 by two brothers who have a shared love of animals.

They work with various non-profit animal shelters and rescue groups to bring hope and help to countless animals and need through the production of their pet tags.

For every purchase you make, they say you’re not only helping ensure your pet’s safety, but are also helping feed, treat and rescue an animal.

There are over 200 organisations listed as partners of the brand.

Sooooo CUTE.

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