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Aussie Teen Manages To Lose License 2 Hours After Getting It

Everyone remembers the feeling of excitement mixed with nerves when they first got their hands on a provisional driving license. It was now legal to drive… without your mum or dad or whoever else sitting in the passenger seat ensuring you were doing the right thing. It was freeing yet terrifying in a way. 

A Victorian teenager managed to hang onto her fresh license for just two hours before having it immediately suspended after being caught by the speed camera’s gun. Spare a thought for this teen who’s driving freedom was short lived. 

Police in Wandin North in outer eastern Melbourne caught the 18-year-old going twice the speed limit on Monday afternoon. It’s common for people to assume P-platers a bunch of speed demons but it appears that this one teen in particular may have just suffered from a lack of awareness… or so we hope. 

Cops caught the teen traveling at 79 km/h just prior to 3pm on Warburton Highway. The stretch of road just so happened to be operating as a School Zone at the time. Officers on the scene issued the freshly minted young driver a $595 fine and suspended her license, that she had achieved just two hours prior, on the spot. 

Most people have had their fair share of running afoul of the law while driving, but it’s just no one has managed to do it that quickly! 

This serves as an extra reminder to be aware of your surroundings while driving. Also, road cops are out in full force over the holiday period from December 15 to January 7. 

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