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Dad Came Up With A Genius Plan To Entertain His Toddler

Every parent knows the struggles of bringing their kids along to the weekly food shop. They either scream and cry or start demanding you fill the trolley with every sweet treat under the sun.

One English dad has come up with an ingenious solution to keep his son entertained while food shopping. In a video posted to the LadBaby, the dad first attempts to entertain the little boy with a Star Wars inspired fight, replacing lightsabers with wrapping paper rolls.

Next, he tosses a soccer ball to the little boy but the fun is short lived. Undeterred by the failed attempts, the dad then fills a trolley full of coloured balls creating a makeshift ball pit for the little boy. 

Pleased with his efforts, he rushes off to find his wife who bursts into fits of laughter. 

By the look on the little boy's face, he's happy to go food shopping every week! 


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