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6 Easy Tips To Make Holiday Hosting A Breeze This Summer

With December well and truly in full swing, with it come all of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Whether you're a longtime host of the family celebrations, or you're popping your hosting cherry, we've got all the simple tips and tricks so things roll smoothly.

1. Have a game-plan

Ask yourself what kind of atmosphere you're looking for and cater your seating, playlist, menu, decor and activities to match.

If you're throwing a laid-back summer party make sure there's enough shade and refreshing drinks on the menu.

It's amazing how easily things come together when they're planned ahead.

2. Add a signature touch

Adding a little something extra when it comes to decoration gives a bit of "wow" factor.

It's easy to do around the festive season, like adding fresh flowers to your table setting or a new set of placemats.

3. Delegate duties

Whether you're hosting a big holiday soiree or a small get together, it's always a good idea to have another person on your team.

If others ask if they can do anything to help, don't hesitate to share a slice of the workload.

Even if you allow them to pass around appetisers or top up wine glasses, they will feel great about playing a part in the success of the evening - as well as keeping you relatively stress-free.

4. Cook ahead

Do as much of the cooking ahead of time as you can.

Planning your menu ahead can help with this, choose food to serve that is within your comfort zone to prepare.

Also try to clean up as much of the kitchen as you can before company arrives - you don't want to be stuck doing dishes while your guests enjoy themselves!

5. Stock up on nibbles and drinks

There's nothing worse than running out of snacks and drinks at a party.

Especially if you're serving alcohol, make sure you have enough food going around!

6. Keep extra gifts on hand

Ever had the awkward moment where a friend unexpectedly gives you a gift and you have nothing to give in return?

The benefit of hosting a Christmas 'do is you can keep a few generic gifts in your closet ready to go if you need to!

Consider some boxes of Roses, a bottle of champagne or some wrapped tea or coffee.


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