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A Teacher Wrote The Most Offensive Letter Home About Little

A mother in the US say her young daughter was the victim of racial discrimination after she received a letter home from her school saying she ‘stinks.’

Tianna Norris said the teacher’s letter claimed the little girl’s classmates were ‘teasing’ her because of her hair and had complained it ‘stunk.’ The letter requested the mother not to ‘use as much’ coconut oil.

Shocked by the letter, the Norris responded in writing explaining she didn’t use coconut oil directly on her daughter’s hair, but used it on her hands to give her hair shine.

She later went to the school’s administrator about the letter where she discovered no bullying incident ever occurred and her daughter was in fact well liked. The girl’s mother believes the teacher had, had no complaints and sent it home on the back of her own discriminatory beliefs.

She’s since removed her daughter from the school and claims they did nothing to help.

"I was hurt for my child," the mum told CBS Chicago.

" I am a young parent in the school or the parent of darker skin tone, I get the letter that says my daughter stinks," she continued.

Courtesy: Facebook

The young mum decided to share the letter on Facebook and was inundated with support.

"I have a platform and I used it for every black mother and every black woman," she wrote.

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