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Seven Year Switch Couple Believe Ch 7 Tricked Them

They may have split earlier this year following the birth of their third daughter, but  former Seven Year Switch couple Cassie and Ryan Thistleton say they're still on good terms. 

The couple are the second pair to this week to come out of the woodwork, slamming Channel Seven for being dishonest about the program the couple starred in.  

The former couple claims they were told the show would be an observational documentary and felt violated when they saw the final product. 

They believe the show made their relationship issues worse with ultimately led to the couple parting ways. 

Their comments come after revelations by fellow contestant Michelle Guest, who earlier this week said she had no idea she'd be swapping partners in the controversial show. 

Cassie and Ryan took to Instagram to reveal their feelings about the second series. Both said they had 'mixed feelings' having been told very different stories of what they show would be. 

'I quote - "it will be an observatory documentary, u guys have a very different & compelling story that will touch Australia's heart. It will be presented in an organic & genuine view'' (sic),' Ryan wrote. 

'We only first saw the final production when the rest of the country did & from the moment we saw the first commercial our hearts sunk! 

'It was a feeling of complete violation,' he continued. 

At least this year's group know what they're in for! 

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