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Tourists Detained At Airport After Plastic Surgery

Three Chinese tourists have had to learn a lesson the hard way after being detained at the airport for not looking like their passport photos.

A photo of the moment the women tried to return from a trip to South Korea - where they had undergone a number of cosmetic procedures - has gone viral after a TV presenter called Jian Huahua uploaded the snap to Weibo.

In the picture, the three women sit with their passports in hand and with their faces so heavily bandaged, Huahua joked, even their mothers wouldn't be able to recognise them.


It's believed that the trio had gone to South Korea during China's "Golden Week", an eight-day national holiday in the People's Republic.

But it certainly wasn't a relaxing end to their trip if the photo is anything to go by, although it's not known whether they eventually succeeded in proving their identities.

South Korea has quickly become the plastic surgery destination, with The Sun reporting that some packages even include a safari trip to Africa to allow patients time to heal out of sight of their friends and family.

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