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Your Daily Make-up Routine Could Be Saving Your Life!

After years of being told make-up is bad for our skin, experts have just released new research claiming that our favourite beauty products may actually lower the risk of a woman getting skin cancer in her lifetime.

According to a report released by the Australasian College of Dermatologists, findings on 'cosmeceuticals' suggested that makeup is a leading contributor to the reduction in skin cancer cases.

ACD dermatologist, Dr Phillip Artemi, said that because of the unique SPF blend in makeup as well as the pigments and reflectors, cosmetics are becoming “prime anti-ageing and skin cancer prevention arsenal.”

“Whilst sunscreens do a lot, they don't do enough and should not be relied on solely for skin health.”

 “A combination of sunscreen, foundation, eye shadow and mascara can reduce the incidence of skin cancers around the eye better than the use of sunscreen alone.”

“Now we can advise that functional coloured cosmetics should be added to this long standing advice to further reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature ageing, as well as protecting against the increasing danger of air pollution,” he said.

He suggested that “the notion that not wearing make up makes for healthier skin, is no longer a valid one.”

“What you choose to wear on your face, can influence how well you are protected.”

“Lip gloss, for instance, offers little protection, while a darker, longer-wearing lipstick will be more beneficial for your health.”

So, the next time someone says you’re wearing to much makeup, show them this article!

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