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Young Aussie Grows Awesome Mullet, And All For A Good Cause

This young Aussie is growing the country's most impressive, and inspirational mullet.

Nine year old Baird Garrett, from Onslow, in Western Australia, has become a bit of a local legend for growing his long locks, and he's doing it all for charity.

The youngster started growing his 80's inspired hairstyle over two years ago, and plans to cut it all off in September of 2018 to help make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illnesses such as cancer.

Baird got the idea after a stranger asked to take a selfie with him and he decided to charge him for a photo.


At $5 a selfie, Baird wants to raise $24,000 for children's charity Variety.

Baird wrote on his fundraising page that you can donate to here that: 

'I've decided to grow my mullet and raise funds for Variety - the Children's Charity,'

'I have been growing my mullet for two-and-a-half years and it will be sad to part with it.'

'People know me because of my mullet - its my trademark! Please help me raise $24,000 as this will provide four kids with wigs and help them gain self confidence.'


His mum Renee tells The West Australian that he has developed a 'thick skin' after a few people teased him about his long hair.

'He takes it on the chin. With the kids in particular he explains that it's a style that just developed and that he's fundraising for charity with it,' she  

'He used to just have a short back and sides and a spiky top and one day he was sitting down with the barber and said "I just want the top trimmed this time",' Ms Garrett said.

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