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You Won’t Believe The Hilarious Notes This Dad Writes

“When I was young I’d wish my enemies pain and misery. Now I just wish them kids…” Lol.

Chris Illuminati (real name, we swear) is winning at parenting.

When his son was born in 2010, Chris left his job to become a stay-at-home dad.

His wife, who was finishing up maternity leave, constantly reminded him of all of his duties.

“I better write this down,” Chris joked on his blog post,“I wrote down even the simplest of tasks and pinned it to my bulletin board…I forgot all about the note. I also forgot to change the baby."

What started as a reminder, turned into himm recording his observations on Post-it notes that he placed around the house for his wife.

His brutally honest words are crazily relatable and with this, his blog has had had significant attention.

Behold some of the best:




 “The purpose is to make other parents (or even non-parents) laugh. Because raising a kid is sort of the same for everyone,” he said in an interview with Metro. ”I plan on doing this for as long as people think I’m funny. And I mean strangers. My kids already stopped thinking I’m funny.”

Chris has released a book, entitled “The New Dad Dictionary: Everything He Really Needs To Know”.

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