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You Will Never Look At Peppa Pig The Same Way AGAIN!

If you have had anything to do with a toddler over the past few years or so then you would no doubt be familiar with the popular TV character Peppa Pig.

The hugely popular kids show has been a worldwide success which has seen a live show spin off as well as it's very own theme park in the UK based on the cheeky little pig and her animated friends and family.

But one thing that you may not have noticed is that Peppa is only ever drawn showing her from side on, either her left or right, but we've never seen her front-on.

So, a young Japanese graphic artist decided to take things into their own hands and draw what the popular pig would look like from directly in front, and the end result has freaked some people out!


The image, showing Peppa with four eyes and four nostrils has NOT gone down well, with many people online describing the alternate view of Peppa as 'terrifying'

What do you think, is this just a bit of fun or would you stop any youngsters you know from seeing this to prevent them having nightmares?

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